About Life 365 Church

As stated on our Home Page Welcome… We are a new church and very much in the early stages of our development. So if you are looking for that opportunity to realize the full potential, purpose and calling that God has placed in you, then come join us! We are currently forming our launch team that will assist us in planting an exciting and growing church in the north DFW Metroplex, in the city of Denton.

We need people just like you and families just like yours to become a part of this launch team! God is doing great things and we expect Life 365 Church to be uniquely positioned to help those that need Jesus find Him! Our desire is to be a light in this dark world. We want to be that link between the lost people in this world and God! We want to introduce those of every walk of life with the God of this universe. We also want to provide opportunities for valued relationships with other believers!